Bmw 323 1999

I have a stick shift and in cooler weather my stick doesn’t find the gear, usually from 2nd to 3rd. The stick is just floppy. Once the car warms up, no problem finding the gear.

My BMW does that, too - but it is a 1986. My issue is the plastic bushings in the shifter need replacing. I don’t know if your car has those, too. You should take it to a good BMW mechanic to check it out. If it is the bushings, the parts are pretty inexpensive and I think they make a repair kit with everything in it. The wild card is how much labor it takes to do the repair.

Thanks, I did talk to my neighbor who works on GM cars and he said something similar. I’ll check it out with the garage. Thanks again, at least I can “sound” a bit knowledgeable. Cathy