2014 Toyota Tundra touch screen stopped working

Hi everyone, I have 2014 Toyota tundra, Last night my touch screen suddenly stopped working when I was listening to the radio it is blink sometimes and shows back camera for a Second then nothing.

So what would you like from us? Seems pretty clear it is broken.

Why did you respond if you can’t help?

I didn’t because I have no idea what the problem could be.

Is it because you want to be a wise ass?

Look the words up!


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My top of the head guess is either a wiring issue or a failing body control module. My advice is to have a dealer look at it.

There is a software update for the audio/navigation unit to address numerous problems including display screen freezing, intermittent rebooting and unresponsive touch screen.

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How can I update it?

The software update can be loaded onto a USB flash drive however you need access to the Toyota Information System to load the update, your Toyota dealer can perform the update.

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