2014 Toyota RAV4- Where are my presets?

I love your column Ray, I have a 2014 RAV4 and recently changed the battery. Everything went well (I thought), until I checked the radio to reset the channels. The entire Radio/App console is stuck in a ‘re-boot’ cycle…never stops. But when I put it into reverse, the screen works and shows the rear view as it should. After searching the internet for answers, I could not find a way to fix this seemingly common problem, without buying a new radio console and getting it installed.
Any Ideas?
Thanx a lot ! Fingers crossed.
Denny Sheridan
Westminster, Colorado

There may be a software update available depending on your audio unit. See the service bulletin below, “Continuously reboots”, page 3;

MC-10170713-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

Howdy. That was good info! Apparently there is a download-able software update available, however the 2 different sites that have the file are throwing an error message.
Bit, at least I have the name of the update file that I think I need… so I’ll keep trying.

The software links are for technicians that have access to the Toyota Information System, your dealer can perform the update. Perhaps you can bribe a dealer employee to load the software onto a flash drive for you.

Ohhh. Haah! I see. That’s a good thing. I’ll look into it. I’d rather have a service guy do it anyway.
I really want to thank you for the great info. I hope this works, as I follow it through!

I found that the site actually did have what I needed…just had to keep poking around, I guess.
I was able to download the update to a usb drive and also a 9 page install manual. Pretty cool.
Here is the link that I found:


Greetings. Just a follow up on the 2014 RAV4 Radio/Nav Console that is in a continuous Re-Boot loop.
I downloaded the correct software update for the Encana Premium package, and the instructions for applying it. However, the console has to be fully booted up in order to apply this patch. There are a few menu selections to make, etc… but all I have is a boot screen with a progress indicator that stops near the end. (repeat…repeat…repeat)
Back to the drawing board. I’m amazed that this problem has not been addressed more fully on the web. It seems that this is a known problem and it also seems pretty common.

Thanks a lot for your help and advice.

the only options you have is to call corporate and complain like others have done. its a known defect with toyotas in many years. unfortunately toyota wont replace it for free when its out of warranty. but they have been know to pay part of the cost. you can find out about having a aftermarket radio installed.

Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes then reconnect, see if this does not restore operation.

many have tried that. it does not work. when you disconnect the battery on many toyota batteries and dont use a memory saver it screws something up in the radio and basically makes it useless. no one has found a fix yet from what I have read. there was a software update as you mentioned but needed to be installed when fully booted up.

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Yes, disconnecting the battery doesn’t fix it and I’ve been scouring youtube and lots of general Google searching, and found out the same thing…
there is no easy and cheap fix for this problem.
I’m now focusing on purchasing a replacement Radio/Nav console. Bummer.

Try disconnecting both the + and - wires, then leave them touched together for a couple hours. That may be necessary to cause all of the computer in the car to reset themselves. Disconnecting the battery may not be enough by itself, as the computers have capacitors that are charged enough to allow them to keep running in their idle mode.

The simple solution is a visit to a dealership.