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2014 Toyota RAV4 - New sunroof rubber?

I have a 2014 Rav 4, extended warranty. Over the last couple of weeks the rubber around the sun roof is coming loose and rippling. Anyone with this problem. Dealer where i purchased vehicle says not under extended warranty

Did you ask the dealer, What the hell good is the extended warranty?


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You may have to carefully read the warranty and decide if you have a legitimate claim. The claim is probably is to be made to the warranty company and not the dealer. Your dealer may be right, but do your own read.

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Not a covered component. Warranties are sold with different levels of coverage, trim and weatherstrips are very rarely covered by extended warranties.

That is probably the case. Still, the person covered by the warranty needs to do his/her own read of the warranty and then decide how to proceed.

I’d guess there’s many owners of sunroof equipped Rav4’s w/that problem. I wouldn’t expect that sort of thing to be covered in an extended warranty myself. Just like oil filter changes and light bulbs aren’t usually covered by an extended warranty. Weather-strip rubbers are a normally wearing item, and are fairly easily replaced. Buy the replacement parts without delay, so you’ll be sure you get them before they are discontinued.