2014 Toyota Highlander - Injectors?

I own a Toyota Fortuner, 2014 model. Engin check symbol and wheel tracking alert warning lights just came on. Somehow I encountered a reduced engine power and speed. Took the car to Barloworld Toyota Kuils River and where told that the injectors and diesel pump needs to be replaced. Car on has 90K on the clock now. Any ideas on this or past experiences???

Yes, if you’d like to continue to drive this, you’ll have to get it fixed. I’d suggest the repair might be cheaper at an independent shop.

If you are in the US and thus is a 2014 4Runner, there was no Diesel option.

The Kuils River is in South Africa and having a diesel engine this vehicle must be outside of the U.S.

A pump plus injectors will definitely cost a lot of money

Before blindly shelling out that kind of money, I’d be looking for a second opinion. Now if the second shop comes up with the same diagnosis . . .

I hope this diagnosis was arrived at after some testing, and not just based on fault code(s)

My old eyes read that as Kills river. O well/