2004 GMC Diesel Injectors. To replace two or all or

I have a 2004 GMC 2500 Diesel. The 2001-2004 models had the issues with leaking injectors. The truck has 180K miles on it. New brakes and rotors plus glow plugs have recently been replaced. All service has been up to date. Body is in good shape and paint is new as well. The estimated retail value of the truck is between $13,000 and $18,000.

All eight injectors were replaced in 2010 under the warranty extended by GM. I now have two leaking injectors, one on each side. Estimated cost to replace all eight is $4,700. Estimated cost to replace just the two bad injectors is $2,400

Should I replace just the two and defer the additional $2,700, although risking spending an additional $1,200 in labor should the others go bad, or replace all eight at once and put a major dent in my checking account?

Or trade it in for a newer truck with fewer miles but even more of a dent in the bank account…

If you’re going as far as replacing two injectors on each side? replace all of the injectors with upgraded injectors.

It’s on the internet.


It is only one injector on each side, so it doesn’t quite meet the rule of thumb of if it is 3 or more, replace them all.

First off, I’m not a dyed in the wool domestic mechanic and my diesel experience has been with VW. Any comments are very general in nature. The price seems high to me based on VW experience but it does sound like injector replacement is a very labor intensive job on these trucks.
With VW injector problems I usually found that if one or two was in the tank then it was best to rebuild or replace them all because one failure usually followed another.

Have you priced the job around to see if that 4700 price can be beat or maybe a diesel guy in your area who can do it on the side? Mid four figures is a bit hard to stomach.

This might be worth reading also.

WOW those direct injection fuel injectors are high in price! A buddy owned a Ford Excursion diesel that he traded because it had 2 leaky injectors that were $2400 apiece. Diesel fuel savings is nice but the service costs can be over the moon high once the miles pile up.

The labor is about 12 hours to go in and swap them out. These injectors are around $350 each, plus additional parts.