2014 Toyota Avalon - Rear HVAC issue

Air not blowing from the rear vents in a 2014 Toyota Avalon. What would have gone wrong? Is it home repairable?

Sorry you are having this difficulty. When hvac air is supposed to be coming out the rear vents, yet isn’t, is there also a sound missing? No sound of a fan spinning?

Hello George, thanks for the response. I hear no extra sound. It cools/heats up to where the gear handle is in the middle console.

this could help you understand what is happening…

The 2014 Toyota Avalon indeed features an innovative system called S-Flow, which optimizes air circulation within the car based on the number of occupants. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. What is S-Flow?
  • S-Flow is a technology designed to enhance energy efficiency by directing airflow specifically to occupied areas of the cabin. It adjusts the air conditioning system based on the number of passengers in the vehicle.
  • When the Avalon detects fewer passengers, it directs airflow primarily to the front seats. As more passengers enter, it redistributes air to the rear seats as well.

Thanks. That’s interesting.
Even with pax sitting in the back there is no flow. Are there any settings that needs adjustments?

Toyota/Lexus still has that feature on many of their vehicles.

That is the first thing that I would suggest you check, via your Owner’s Manual.
I won’t try to advise you on how to re-set the S-flow on your car because the specifics likely differ from the how-to on my 2022 NX.


What’s a “pax”? Packages? Or a pet?

Do read the owner’s manual, as suggested, to see how things work. But if it is not adequately heating/cooling the rear, even with passengers back there, it may come to the need for a code reader as it may be that some manner of passenger detection sensor / system isn’t working correctly.

I don’t see a “S-Flow” selection on the 2014 model, this is only found on newer vehicles.

If the Avalon does not have an A/C control panel in the rear seat, there is an on/off knob located between the vents.


A blend door actuator for the rear HVAC may have failed.


Pass say poor performance. I see.

Thanks much. I will get the blender door actuator checked.

Vehicles with 3-zone temperature control (with rear control) have a blend air door to adjust temperature hot/cold. Does your Avalon have the rear seat A/C control panel? Is the air vent blowing hot air?

It does not have tear controls.
I feel the heat or cooling on the central console upto the gear area when I touch it on the side. Then nothing towards the back. There could a block somewhere there.

Sounds to me like you are going to have to start taking the center console apart until you find the problem or take it to a mechanic that can repair it for you…

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Wish there were bolts or screws to take side panels apart to access. I may have to get a mechanic to do it. Unless you all have a suggestion.
Should I poke a long rod to open up a jammed door ?

No, seems more likely to damage something that currently isn’t broken. Presuming you’ve studied the owner’s manual and tried everything obvious based on that with the settings, your idea to hire this job out to a mechanic experienced with your car’s hvac system seems the best approach.

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It looks like the labor calls for about 1.4 hours (for a LXE) to R&R the console, so generally not a very hard job but there is potential to break plastic parts if done wrong…

I don’t know your skill level, but from what I have read here I am going to recommend having a mechanic do the work for you…
Keep in mind that a lot of mechanics are used to being able to use prybars and hammers to take things apart that seem stuck, a little to much force can break a lot of interior parts, on top of if they don’t get their hands really clean or wear gloves, you could have finger/hand prints all over it… lol

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