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2001 Toyota Avalon

1998 Toyota Avalon. The blower (heater, air) works on low only. The buttons on the dash all respond, but it has only one speed. No noise of any kind coming from the heater motor. Any ideas?

If there’s no noise at all coming from the blower motor then why do you say that it works on low? Even on low speed the fan makes some noise - faint maybe - but you can hear it.

In any case, you basically get out a volt meter & go to work. First just find out if all switch positions send voltage to the blower. You can apply 12V direct to the fan to see if it works.

Sorry. Fan does operate, just not at the additional higher speeds. This afternoon I discovered that it does make some usual noise when operating, although the noise is inconsistent. I guess the next step is to replace the fan motor and see where that leads. I am just curious as to whether the system has a resistor of some type that could be defective that isn’t allowing higher speeds.