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2019 Toyota Avalon AC: flush, recharge, or replace?

My AC on my Avalon is not working well and I’m not sure if it needs a flush, a recharge or replacement. No cool air coming out whatsoever.

Becca, if you really have a 2019 use the warranty. If it is not and out of warranty then an air conditioner shop is needed.

Sounds like it needs to be repaired, don’t ask for a flush, recharge or replacement, let the technician diagnose the problem.

This means warm air or no air flow?

You guessed it right, Volvo friend, I have a 2009 and accidentally put in the wrong year! Getting cool air now, though.


I let my technician take a look and while he couldn’t find a leak, he suspects there is one. It’s working well at this point though, and I’ll be going back to see him if it acts up again soon.

Thanks for your reply!

Let me guess . . .

When it was really hot out, you were miserable, because your ac was blasting lukewarm air

But when it’s more moderate outside, or even cool, your ac blows fairly cool or even cold air


If so, your refrigerant charge is definitely low, most likely due to a leak

I sure hope your mechanic added some ultraviolet dye to the system . . . it makes it a LOT easier to spot that leak, when you inevitably bring it back to shop, because the ac is once again not blowing cold air

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