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Shaking when turning at slow speeds

I have a 2005 Subaru forester. It’s got 127k and when I turn at slow speeds (like from a stop sign onto a main road) it shakes/vibrates. I called into Vox Pop when a mechanic was on the air last week and he said to check the serpentine belt. We did and it isn’t loose/rotting, etc.

Any ideas for what this might be?

Thanks for your time!

A serpentine belt can look good and still slip, especially at 127K. Could also be a worn tensioner.

Possibly a bad CV joint.

The shake might be caused by a belt separation in one of front tires.

Try swapping the front tires with the rears.


Is this shaking/vibrating feeling a sort of shuddering feeling? A thumping feeling in unison with each rotation of a wheel? Any noise such as a clicking or knocking?

Does the car have a precisely matched set of tires?
In other words, are they all the same size, brand, model, and tread type, and do they each have the same amount of tread wear?

If not, then I think that the symptoms are a clue that the center viscous coupler has been damaged by running with mis-matched tires.

My thoughts are along the same lines as VDCdriver’s thoughts. However, the question is actually if the tread depth has been kept equal throughout the life of this car, not just currently. Have rotations been done on schedule? Have tires always been replaced in sets of four?

I hope this isn’t the problem, as the fix won’t be cheap.