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2014 Nissan Altima - Squeak

Car squeaking on left side and sounds off

If the car is squeaking on the left side, that could indicate a number of possibilities:

  • A wheel bearing that is about to fail
  • Brake pads that are close to being worn out
  • Suspension bushings that are “dry”
  • A CV joint that is about to fail

If you clarify EXACTLY when you hear that squeak (when driving straight, when turning, when you are braking, when you are not braking, when you hit a bump in the road, etc.), we can try to narrow-down the possibilities, but–of course–only a mechanic who can personally examine the car can tell you for sure.

As to the sound being off, that is a bit of a mystery.
Are you trying to tell us that the audio system no longer works?
Or, are you trying to tell us something totally different?

Much clarification beyond just 8 words is needed.
(Hint: This site does not charge by the word, so you should provide a much better description of both problems)


I interpreted “off” as “not right.” i.e., “This milk tastes off.” In other words, not a normal car noise.

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Yes, that is another possibility. However, when somebody’s total body of “information” consists of only 8 words, nobody could possibly know the actual intent.

@T57: We eagerly await clarification and a LOT more details.