2003 Nissan Altima Loud Squeal from tire

My right front passenger tire keeps making a loud squealing noise. I’ve had the brakes and pads changed several times and it keeps making the same noise. I’ve taken it to the dealer but when they drive it, of course it doesn’t make the noise. They checked it and everything seems fine. I took it to another mechanic and they heard the noise as well but can’t find any problems. They greased all the gears in the wheel area and it stopped making the noise for a couple of weeks, but then starts right back up again. The car drives perfectly other than that. I’m going to see if I can attach a video file so you can hear the noise. I’m thinking it could be the bearings but everyone that looks at it says they’re fine. Any input would be helpful. The noise in the video is much more pronounced now and is a constant sharp squeal.

A little more of a description as to what the noise sounds like and when it appears (and when it doesn’t) would do wonders to help diagnose this.

I suspect a fan belt (based on the word “squeal”). So I wonder why everyone is mucking around with the brakes and the bearings!