Squeak while going left

I have a 2003 Chevy Cavalier. When I’m going at some speed (not from a stop) to the left (like on a curve), I hear a high-pitch squeaky/squealing noise. It’s not one long continuous noise, but more like chk, chk, chk, etc. and high in pitch. It doesn’t happen when I’m going to the right. And I don’t hear it if I’m going very slowly, such as turning left from a complete stop.

Any ideas what this might be? Thanks.

BarbaraJ"Any ideas what this might be? Thanks."
Either wheel bearing or CV joint.

I agree. Get that fixed soon because that can be quite dangerous.

Thanks for the response!!

You might want to have the front brakes inspected.

The front brake pads on your vehicle has what are called brake wear indicators. These are simple pieces of metal that come in contact with the brake rotors when the brake pads wear to a certain point. As brake pads wear, the retaining clips for the brake pads wear where they’re no longer held securely within the caliper piston. Then as you go around a corner at a high speed, the loose brake pad comes in contact with the rotor and the wear indicator rubs on the rotor making the noise.

You can confirm if this is the problem by, the next time you hear this noise, slightly step on the brake pedal. If the noise goes away have the front brakes inspected.