2014 mkz fog light

My wife was driving over 100 mph. Hit and killed those lovely animals known as a raccoon. Short story the little bas@@@@ took out the passenger fog light. I have tried going in through the wheel well. Not enough room for my arm. Does anybody know how to get in the housing. There are older mkz footage on YouTube nothing for 2014. Anybody know a better site to go too?

This is what it says in the FSM.

Step 1: Refer to the front bumper removal procedure.


What is an FSM? Where do I get one?

Why in the world was she doing that ? And only damaged the fog light and nothing else.

About to miss a flight on a no cop highway.

FSM = Factory Service Manual

You might find one on line, or ask the Lincoln dealer parts counter about it.

There’s never a cop when you need one.

Your wife was going over 100mph on public roads and you’re calling the dead raccoons bas@@@@s?

Sorry, but she deserves the cost of having the dealer fix the damage. That cost, and I hope it’s high, is the absolute least penalty she deserves.


So that made it okay for her to endanger everyone else on the highway?

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Gee you’re lucky. I hit a coon at 70 and cost me $700 for a new radiator. Yep pull bumper. It’s not that hard.

Lincoln dealer parts guy told me he could get me an owner’s manual for 65. I even told him the story. So you guys are saying I have to pull the bumper to change the lights. Is Lincoln getting their design team from third world countries that barely passed algebra.

No, it is called cost effective manufacturing.

Yep, and it’s pretty common on newer cars. Some are easier than others.

Not an owners manual for $65 but the Factory Service Manual for $300 plus.

Instead of forking out $300.00 for a FSM, you can get the same info here.

You decide how long you want the access to the info.