2014 KIA Sorento Beeps in Reverse

Investigating why the beep happens when in reverse. Seems one of the sensors is bad. This requires the removal of the bumper. Anyone have insight into the procedure to remove the bumper?
Appears I need some kind of scan tool to determine which of the 4 sensors are defective. Just returned from the dealer and he wants $350 to fix. Checked on sensor prices, around $10-20. I guess the bumper removal is the high cost labor item. Does not look that bad to do even if I have to purchase the scan tool, it will be less than $350. Ideas?


My idea is to go back to the dealer and pay the $350. If you still insist on tackling it yourself, at least get a copy of the factory shop manual or a subscription to an online data source such as Mitchell or AllData.

Did the OP buy this SUV as a new vehicle, in 2014/15, or was it purchased as a used vehicle?

Make sure there is not debris on the sensors, my thought for step one.

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Well I just saved $350. Looking on the web someone mentioned the “P” button. Never knew what this was for. On a lark I went to the car, pressed the “P” button and the beeping stopped when in Reverse and started beeping as I backed towards my garage door.
So much for the dealer service department. Don’t go to Planet KIA in Scranton PA, They would have pocketed $350 for a button push.
I have an extended service policy but for some reason they did not have the time to see if this was covered. I checked on Amazon and 4 sensors were $48.66, still a lot less than $350.
I purchased this vehicle new in 2013 and it only has 47000 miles. From now on I’ll take it to my local mechanic for state inspections since that is all I need, I do all the other ‘normal’ work.
I’m going to check the front sensors to see if they be the problem.

The “P” button is to switch the park assist system off or on.

So your park assist beeps when the system is off but operates normal when switched on?

Heh heh heh. I’m not gonna say a thing, but I spent an hour or so trying to get my trunk button to work on my Olds only to discover the valet button. I hadn’t torn too much apart yet though.