Beeping noise when I put Tahoe in reverse

My wife has a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with abut 100K. She did something and doesn’t know what but now the car beeps anytime you put it in reverse. No big deal, it’s just annoying. I’ve checked the book and can’t find out to disable. Anyone know how to disable this on a tahoe or know what to look for in the owner’s manual.

Stop by the dealer's and they likely will know.

If you have little kids, live in a neighborhood, or parking in shopping lots, the beeper is to let people know you are backing up. Since you can’t see diddly behind a Tahoe when backing up perhaps you should get used to the noise. The person you don’t run over will thank you.

What she did was inadvertantly activate the backup warning in the trucks body control module. These vehicles are often sold in fleets to construction companies and commercial enterprise wherein the beep is required, so it’s included in the BCM. How one can activate this inadvertantly is beyond me, however your wife has proven it can be done.

Any dealer should be able to find the protocol to deactivate this for you. You could probably find it yourself with an internet search. Personally, I’d leave it on. According to the beckover websites, about 2,600 children are backed over every year. If you have children, plan to have children, have grandchildren, or have neighbors with children or grandchildren, it might just save a life.

Perhaps it’s not an inadvertant activation of the system but rather a system that is defective and activating when there is nothing near the back bumper. Look at your rear bumper, are there smallish round circular devices embedded in it? Those are proximity sensors and they are used to tell if you’re about to hit something when you’re in reverse. Perhaps one of those is mis-behaving…

There are two different trains of thought going on here. The question that the OP needs to answer next is if the beeping is inside the car or outside of it.