My headlights work only if I hold the low/high beam switch toward me while driving; otherwise the low beam works on one side but not the other, and the high beam works on the other side but not the one. Should I replace the bulbs, fuse, switch, check wiring…what?

Since both the low and high beams are controlled by the low/high switch I would say that your switch is defective.

Thank you for your response!

I’ll suggest your bulbs are bad. For the switch to be defective and make one side work low and the other side work high, I can’t picture it. On the other hand, if the one side high broke, you would not notice it until you used your high beams. Most people don’t do this very often. Then, the other side low beam breaks just because it’s old, so you try the high beams. Huh, the other side doesn’t work…

Thanks for your response! I replaced both headlights and that fixed the dilemma: I now have two simultaneous low-beam lights AND two simultaneous high-beam lights, instead of one of either low or high.

Life is Good :slight_smile: