2014 Jeep Patriot - Should I just pay the library?

A CD belonging to the library is stuck in the CD player. How do I get it back out, or should I just pay the library for a replacement dis

the CD player is probably broken. unless you are planning on having a new radio put in, I would just pay the library for the CD.


Last time that happened to me, I removed the CD player and had to tear it apart to get the CD out. The CD survived, the radio did not.


My home DVD player sometimes does that. I discovered it has a little hole in the back chassis panel, poke a paper clip wire in that hole, and voila it opens. (Unplug it first, of course) OP’s CD player probably has some similar feature for manually removing a disc, but likely requires the player removed from the dashboard first. If that appears easy enough to do, unlikely to break anything else in the process, pretty good chance that will work. You might want to ask the library how much its gonna cost you to replace that disc, would give some incentive … lol … in any event it sounds like the CD player has to be removed if listening to CD’s is something you want for your vehicle. Does your Patriot radio system have the abiliyt to play audio files from one of those USB thumb-drive plug in gadgets? If so, that’s probably a better alternative, no moving parts. You’d have to copy the songs from the CD to the thumb drive is all.


The only thing I’ll add is that our library has not yet joined the living. They have a moratorium yet on books and so on not returned due to the virus. No fines. The last thing they want is for someone to show up in person. They’d rather lose the book.

I would pay the library

That said . . . if you have the time and energy, it might be worth it to attempt to remove the CD at your convenience, if you want to listen to music, audio books, etc. again

Just be aware that there’s a fair chance this situation will reoccur

So any CD or audio book that has any sentimental value . . . I wouldn’t risk playing it in the Jeep’s CD player

If you can find a way to disconnect the wiring serving the player, try doing that, wait a couple of minutes then reconnect it. If the player reboots it might eject the cd. Maybe.


Who is artist? Album?

I’ve cleared a CD a few times by doing what wentwest suggested. Disconnect all power sources (Remove main radio fuse and fuse controlling memory) to the stereo head, wait a bit, and reconnect.

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This used to happen on my wife’s Ford 500. I found that if I disconnected the power to the unit (find and pull the fuse, or disconnect the battery) then powered it up again it would then respond to hitting the button to eject the disc.

CD? What’s this CD thing? Does it spin at 78 RPM or 45?


It spins at 33 and 1 third RPM.

I’m assuming @dhallis_173529 is older than @Renegade .

Some libraries allow you to purchase the disc for them (provided it’s the exact same copy- check the ISBN). This way you can find the least expensive one.
If you contact the library and explain the situation, they may keep renewing it for you as a goodwill gesture until you can remove it.- up to a point-. I worked in a library for 28 years, and most are more than willing to work with their patrons. cheers.

One time I somehow lost a library magazine, current issue, so I suggested I’d be happy to buy the same issue at the local bookstore to replace the one l lost. In that particular case they said a user-supplied magazine wasn’t allowed, I’d have to just pay the replacement fee. $8 or something. The library never did replace the magazine, they had several copies on hand at other branches I guess if somebody wanted to borrow it. The library staff may worry someone might do this on purpose to insert a magazine with problematic content into the system.

Ok, here’s this story: I had this plot idea for that show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Larry borrows a Little Mermaid DVD from the library for one of his neighbors kids to watch. If you watch the show you know about his DVD “system” to organize DVDs. Yeah, the system which resulted in his divorce … lol … anyway so my idea is he returns the library DVD but accidentally puts one of his “Girls Gone Wild” DVD’s into the case instead of the actual DVD. Seems a good plot for humor to me anyway.

Who knows why? I donated a local author book that I thought the library should have after I was done reading it. I had to sign a form saying they wouldn’t give it back even if they didn’t use it. I mean all they would have to do is call me and I’d come pick up my $25 book. Well they did shelve it but a couple months later there were two on the shelf. Mine and theirs. Guess they didn’t let the lady doing the ordering know they already had one. Interesting because there was a whole series but they only bought the one.

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I have great admiration for my local library, but sometimes I admit they do weird things. One of the most frustrating is for some reason they seem gung-ho to sell their books and buy different ones. I’ll discover they have the perfect book on refrigerator repair, exactly fits my needs, I’ll borrow it to repair my fridge one time, then the next time I want to use it I find they’ve sold it . And there’s nothing with the same content to replace it … lol …

I’m still steaming – ok, just a little – about that book on sailing knots they sold … lol … I wonder why they didn’t offer it to me first? After all it seems like they knew I had borrowed it several times??? I’d have certainly ponied up the $2 they sold it for.

I’ve never heard of such a practice, so I have to assume that they had a bad experience with a donor at one time.
I donate books a few times each year to both my local library and the Princeton Public Library, and neither has ever asked me to sign such a document. The only document that has ever been involved was the receipt that they offer to donors, for tax purposes.

OK - back to the OP premise - stuck CD. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry that has had a CD stuck in for at least 5 years, probably longer. This comment made me want to ask if anyone knew how to get it out, at least an easy way to do so?

It’s not that I need to get it out, but this has literally been one of those things banging around in my head that I just can;t get rid of.

I’ll save someone the trouble of telling me to read through the comments. Duh. Sorry, have not had my coffee yet. I’ll ask again if any of those suggestions don’t work.