2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee chemical smell

I have 2016 grand Cherokee love car the ride, handling, looks but have noticed a strong chemical smell from vents. So bad I usually open windows. Recently so bad my eyes burning and bad taste in mouth. This could cause serious health issue I’m afraid particularly if child in car. Not sure if related issue but sometimes when get out of car it smells like overheating. I was checking for recalls. Have been told sounds like coolant leak.

Certainly possible. We can’t smell it from the interwebs so… does it smell sweet? Coolant smells sweet. Any wetness on the front floor? Whatever your answer, it needs to get checked out as soon as possible. for coolant leaks, oil leaks and exhaust leaks.

Since it is 3 years old, if it has less than 36,000 miles, it is still under factory warranty. Or you may have purchased an extended warranty. If true, take it to the dealer. If out of warranty, take it to a trusted independent auto repair shop.