2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Smells like antifreeze

I have a buy back Jeep ; 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited almost a yr. now. This car has been brought in several times for hesitation and it feels that it holds back. Also brought in for cruise control recall. They change this. Now the issue is when I turn the heater on before/after going for a while there is an awful smell like antifreeze burner, or an animal bad odor and so far can not help me. Anyone else have these problems and if so what shall I do without paying big bucks to go on to the next problem?

As far as the animal smell, check the cabin filter. Then remove fan and inspect for varment nesting. If there is antifreeze smell the heater core may be leaking.

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Given the many issues you’ve had already, I think the solution is to trade this car as quickly as possible as it will only get worse.