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2014 Jeep Compass - Worried

I bought my 2014 new and have not had a problem with anything as of yet. Will have have a problem that has been common for the 2014 Jeep Compass that I should know about and more then likely will occur?

Whenever I wonder about the quality of a used car, I check out I am not a MOPAR guy but it looks like this car doesn’t have many issues you need to worry about. There are some minor problems but all cars have those. You don’t see any major alerts or warnings.

Take a look at this one for what a rolling pile of scrap looks like!

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That is a 20 year old car, there are worse cars in recent times;

Hmm, 2020-2014=6 years old by the way I was taught arithmetic.

I replied to the example given by cwatkin, a 2000 Dodge.

Read again;

Well, there are other cars on the list above this one with failures. I happened to know several people with this era of 2.7L engine and all but one grenaded before 100,000 miles. They all changed the oil but the one that went the longest used some type of synthetic oil so that seemed to help. You could always tell a 2.7L because the back end would be all black with soot.

It is still #10 on this list after 20 years so wasn’t a good car.

Another buddy and his dad both had 2014 Ford Focuses that they bought at the same time. It seemed one was always in the shop with some major transmission problem. Yep, that car is #9 on the list, mainly for transmission problems. It seems replacing the transmission was about a 30,000 mile service on these. Both have since been traded in before the warranty ended and the transmission blew once again.

The guy with the Ford Focus also had a 2007 Camry just before that and the thing just drank oil like a fish! That car is #18 on the list, mainly for “Excessive oil consumption” and “Burning oil”. Toyota may overall be a great car but this wasn’t one of them!

Now he is on a car with no glaring issues or standout problems so that is good. These lists reflect statistical trends so patterns will show up. The 2014 Jeep Compass is luckily not a standout bad car for the OP.

It seems like some of these new transmission designs are good on paper but not in reality. I know several Nissan models have had similar issues with the CVT transmission. The automated manual in the 2014 Focus and similar were trouble as well. I guess I can kinda understand the CVT although these aren’t really that new anymore but the automated manual seemed like the best of all worlds. You have the efficiency of a manual with computer controlled shifting.

My understanding was that this 6 speed was really a 2 speed mated to a 3 speed for 6 total. On paper I would have thought they would have ended up being great. What was the problem? Just that the bugs were not worked out before they were introduced?