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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - What should I know

Looking to buy 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland 4x4 V8 want to know is there anything wrong that I should no about this car

If you want to actually know if you should buy this vehicle pay a shop about 100.00 to 125.00 USD to inspect it for any problems. While not a 100 % guarantee you won’t have problems it will put y=the odds in your favor.


you can also look at websites such as to get generalized information about a specific model and year, but @VOLVO_V70 gave you the best advice. Nothing beats a hands on inspection by your mechanic when you’re purchasing used vehicles


Looking for new used cars, I have known enough people with jeep problems that Jeep is not even on my list of considerations, Sure many happy owners are out there, just my own perception.


This looks like the most troublesome year by far, I’d avoid it.

Well, to be fair, Consumer Reports includes the 2011, 2013, and 2014 Grand Cherokees on their “Worst Used Cars” list, so the OP is not limited to just the 2011 Grand Cherokee if he is hankering to buy a vehicle that will–more than likely–be a money pit.

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Usually the specialist forums have better information. I don’t see a buying guide but you’d get an idea of common problems and solutions.
The uncle who’s owned a few jeeps claims they’re designed to leak oil but he’'s only had Liberty’s and a Cherokee before. Other jeep owner’s I know have had better luck.