2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Reliability?

Reliability of the 2012 jeep grand Cherokee overland

I guess you want to know if it is reliable . Well . some will be and some won’t as you are asking about an 8 year old vehicle.

You just pay a shop to look over any used vehicle you are thinking about and then hope for the least amount of trouble with it.

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Electrical and engine problems appear to be somewhat common. https://m.carcomplaints.com/Jeep/Grand_Cherokee/2012/ As Volvo said, your best bet is to have it checked out by a mechanic you trust.

Consumer Reports rates the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2012 a 2/5, the second-worst score possible based on owner reports. Climate and in-vehicle electronics earn the worst score possible.


The use of the word Jeep and the use of the word reliability in the same sentence should be prohibited.


My brother-in-law who’s a retired Chrysler Plant Manager owns a Honda Pilot.


It seems to me that after 8 years, those problems should have been sorted out, and the main issue is how well it was maintained.

You would hope that was true, but the friend of mine with an older Jeep he jettisoned had no luck with it, after years of repeated repairs. There’s good reason it got a “Beware of the Clunker” award from Carcomplaints. Also, the Grand Cherokee has the most complaints there of any model Jeep. That’s sayin a lot!


It sure seems that way but I owned a 1984 Pontiac Sunbird with overheating problems that were never resolved. It still had them at 122k when I got rid of it.

It’s a used car and not all used cars are equal. If it’s been neglected and thrashed into the ground then obviously reliability may not apply.

The same would apply if you bought a used lawnmower. One might have been well maintained and garaged; another neglected and allowed to sit outside. One could be a great mower; the other near junk.

That does not even get into the part about how many miles on it and how much they are asking for it. Either or both of those factors could possibly mean walk, or run, away from it.