2014 Jeep Cherokee - Flat Towing

On 08/31/2019 We purchased the 2014 Jeep Trail hawk for the purpose of flat towing behind a motorhome. The dealership was made aware of our intentions to flat tow. Now we are made aware of our need of this part number installed is #68321424 “AB”. Is there any way that we can have the dealer pay for and install the part?

We are CarTalk, not LegalTalk.

You can try to get the dealer to pay. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

How would anyone on the web know the answer to that question ? You can ask the dealer but I also think the answer will be if you pay for it.

The anti death wobble kit.

Also found out you need to run a power wire to the Jeep to keep the battery charged, looks like battery only lasts about 3 hours with this kit installed and in “Flat Tow Mode”

Did the dealer say they would furnish and install the flat tow kit? If not, then it’s your responsibility. It sounds like it’s an aftermarket (non-factory) accessory. If it wasn’t put in writing when you bought the vehicle, then you’re going to have tough time getting the dealer to buy and install it for you.


Only available from the dealer,
maybe amazon or ebay now, but I’d be afraid of those.

In this case, “Aftermarket” can mean manufacturer-branded accessories that aren’t available from the factory. For example my car has Ford-branded sport exhaust system, a Ford-branded short shifter, and a set of Ford-branded lowering springs. They are all considered aftermarket parts, even by Ford itself.

Ever time I make a deal on a new car, and I do it a lot, there is a form called “we owe; you owe” This lists any additional items that the dealer has agreed to add at the negotiated price. If its not listed, I have to buy it.
The sales order also has space to list optional items. I once agreed to a deal including a cargo mat valued at $150. The sales manager said no one had mentioned it to him and it wasn’t included. The salesman ate the cost.
If it isn’t listed on what you signed; good luck.