Accident Repair



I recently wrecked my jeep, and the repair/insurance co. want to use a non-OEM part for the steering gear assembly (right front tire). Is this a pretty safe part to use a non-OEM? They also want $565 for a reconditioned front right wheel. That’s all the estimate says “wheel, front”. That cannot be correct, can it? The steering knuckle is listed separately at $217.


Parts from aftermarket manufacturers are fine as long as they are from a reputable brand. If insurance is paying for these repairs, the shop is going to charge the most they can because most insurance companies will not scrutinize a few extra hundred dollars.


What kind of wheels are that Grand??


Are you sure the gear box will be aftermarket? Most likely the estimate says LKQ meaning “like kind & quality”. In laymans terms it is a used OE part off of a salvage vehicle. If not that the insurance company might include a rebuild OE part.

$565 sounds more like a new rim. I can buy reman rims for Grand Cherokees all day for $179. Even an chromed reman can be had for $300 and change.

I suggest asking the insurance company or body shop what the estimate says.


Yes, the estimate for the gear assembly says “non-OEM part”. The estimate includes separate codes for recycled, reconditioned, and aftermarket parts. Since other parts they are using do say recycled or recond., I assumed that the non-OEM is a new part, just not manufactured by Jeep. The front wheel states that it is reconditioned. Maybe it is the wheel AND the rim? I will call Monday and ask. So, in summary, the steering knuckle is OEM, the front wheel reconditioned, and the gear box non-OEM. I thought that sounded like a lot. The non-OEM gear box is $558. Yikes!


No kidding!