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2014 Hyundai Tucson - Engine replacement

I have a 2014, Hyundai Tucson 2.0 L, with the engine too noise, make the oil dirty so fast, and lost the oil level; I went to the Hyundai Dealer in Grimsby Ontario, Canada, and after diagnostic, they said need to replace the engine. So bad quality. 7,000 Dollars plus labor the new engine.

Not sure what you mean…

Did you check your oil regularly (at least every other week) and change the oil at least as often as specified by your owners manual?

It’s not bad quality when you don’t take care of the maintenance items required by owners manual


If this is the GDI (direct injection) engine, they are know to have issues. Hyundai has extended the warranty for the same engine on the Sonata and Santa Fe but I guess since the Tucson is not a high volume car, it is being ignored. If you are bellow 120K miles and have oil change receipts/etc, you should file a complaint with Hyundai corporate.

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One time I tripped and fell down, boom!, b/c I didn’t make sure my shoe laces were securely tied. Is the shoe maker responsible? The shoelace maker? Bad quality laces? The point I’m making is that given the meager evidence presented, it seems unfair to post blame to the dealership or Hyundai.

I strongly suspect the oil level is never checked regularly. Unless there’s a sudden castastrophic reason for oil loss then this falls onto the shoulders of the car owner for neglecting to keep tabs on the oil level.

So. When did you last check the oil level before the engine failure?

Kia has an ongoing class action lawsuit on Kia Forte 2.0L engines in the Province of Quebec.Owners of these car are experiencing knocking engines. Engine replacement is needed.