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2014 Honda Odyssey - swapping passenger seat belt to driver’s side

Hi, Is it possible to swap the seat belt from the passenger side to the driver side, or the second row back seat belt to the front driver seat. I am planning on picking a the car that was in an accident in a one way trip and driver seat belt is broken blown due to accident but the others are fine. could i change swap it for the trip until i properly fix it and be safe? or hope for the odds of not having an accident with out a seat belt. This is not a i want to save. What options do i have please and Thanks

With the amount of labor involved it would make a lot more sense to install a new, correct drivers seat belt rather than attempt what you suggest.

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No, they don’t interchange. There is a left and a right, front and a rear.

So you are going to DRIVE a wreck home? I do not recommend that.

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Your post is a little hard to understand. But this sounds like a terrible idea. Why are you driving this and the insurance not taking car of it . A 2014 should have full coverage so it can be repaired where ever it is and then be driven.