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2014 Honda CR-V clicks but won’t start

Car won’t start - just clicks rapidly when turn on the ignition. Any ideas?

The battery has failed, replace it.

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Dead battery, drained by leaving some interior light on.
Dead battery because it has served it’s life, or has internal damage. It is 5 years old!!!

Bad battery connections.


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Usually replacing the battery and starter motor will solve that problem, if you just need it to work and don’t want to bother with a proper diagnosis. A shop would first clean the battery connections, load test the battery, and measure the voltages at the starter motor during attempted cranking. From those results they could determine what individual part is causing the problem.

When talking to your shop about this, tell them the engine “fails to crank”.

Most modern cars will shut the interior lights off within 20 minutes so thats not likely the culprit . Most likely battery . Starter is the last thing to check on a 4 year old car .