Honda CR-V trying to start, just clicking

Yesterday I went out for a few errands, but noticed the car was a little sluggish when starting. So, when I got home, after I turned off the ignition, I tried to start the car again. Just clicking and then nothing. Did that a few times and then just gave up. This morning I decided to try again. At first, just clicking, but then I started to pump the gas pedal and it started fine. I want to have it checked, but wanted to ask for some opinions first to have a general idea of what to expect at the repair shop. Thanks.

Sounds like a dead battery to me. Expect to have to replace the battery and possibly whatever else they find wrong with it.

A dead battery? Even though it started this morning?

Sure. You said it was turning “sluggishly”. That sounds like a dead or dying battery. By clicking, you don’t mean that the engine was doing the rrr…rrr…rrr…rrr… of actually trying to start, right?

Did you try having a friend/neighbor jump start it to get you going? If it turns over normally with a jump, then dead battery it is.

Your battery can die quite suddenly without any notice at all. Yours gave notice. You also need to have your alternator tested.

If you get it running & can drive it to an auto parts store many test the system for free. They will then install a new battery for free if that is what is needed.

Batteries can be quite peculiar, although your case sounds classic, with sluggish cranking followed by the inevitable clicking and no-crank-no-start condition. Batteries can also start the car fine one moment then be completely dead the next. The most unusual case I have seen, though, would be the battery in my old minivan. I bought the vehicle last year for $500. It sat for months before I bought it and would not start, but did accept a jump. Every time thereafter, while I was preparing it for being put back on the road, I would have to jump start it to get it to run, so I anticipated buying a battery for it. After all, it was dead and four years old according to the installation tag on it. I put plates on it and intended to replace the battery, but it then began to start fine. A load test proved the battery to be fine. All last winter, it cranked strong even on the -20 degree days. I still haven’t replaced the battery and am a little puzzled as to what brought it back to life.