2014 GMC Terrain - No heat

I have a 2014 gmc terrain Denali and it only blows cold air! I think it’s a common problem with these cars and the equinox also. Has there been a recall for this problem? They say it’s the actuator door being broken and it will cost at least 1500 dollars to fix!

No recall, not a safety issue. Nearly every brand of car/truck has actuator failures.
Get an estimate from an independent shop.

Who is “they”?? First off, it might just need a calibration reset. You can do that… see here…
Recalibrating blend door actuator on gmc terrain - YouTube

Second, if the blend door actuator is broken, the part is relatively cheap. Can’t imagine it is $3K to replace a $20 part.

No recalls, no complaints, and no investigations for this issue according to NHTSA. There are a lot of manufacturer communications for equipment issues. If you want to check them out go to safercar.gov and look for recalls. The communications are accessed from the recall page.

The they is the hundreds of complaints from people with the same problem. Problem has been confirmed by the dealership. 1500 dollars is for 14 hours of labor at 100 dollars a hour, because whole dashboard must be removed to get to 20 dollar part. Definitely a safety issue here in northern Ohio in the winter time.

Since you already know the problem,why don’t you get it fixed? I am pretty sure an independant mechanic will charge less than the dealer.

As soon as I can come up with the money :moneybag:

It’s not like I just have 1500 dollars laying around to replace a 20 dollar part that should have been covered under warranty.

Send Corollaguy the bill.

It would have been covered during the 36000 mile or 36 month warranty period.

There are some internet videos replacing on without tearing apart the whole dash. Checking with local shops would be my next step for cost to fix.


Isn’t it funny that things always happen as soon as the warranty expires!

Trying to find a independent repair shop to do it, but so far no luck. No one wants to be bothered. They all say the same thing, you will have to take it to the dealership. SMH!

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Do you at least get heat out of defrost vents?

No. All vents are blowing cold air.

I am not a mechanic but it seems like the vent doors would control the direction of the air flow, not the temperature. I suspect there’s something else wrong, maybe a blocked heater core?

To replace a broken blend air door; the front seats, instrument panel and complete HVAC assembly must be removed/disassembled, also drain coolant and reclaim refrigerant. Most technicians don’t welcome these jobs.

If NHTSA receives enough complains a recall can be ordered, the defroster is a safety item. Don’t hold your breath however.

Yes your absolutely right! A really crappy job :tired_face: that no one wants to do!

Before you get involved with the doors, I’d check the temperature of the coolant coming out of the heater core. If the orifice at the firewall is blocked then the temperature of the coolant hose going into firewall will be hot and temperature of hose coming out will not be hot. I used one of those thermometers that you aim at objects to determine temps. The radiator kind of deteriorates and leaves stuff in orifice that blocks it. Then replacing that part is cheap. Costs nothing to check.

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If I recall correctly, safety recalls usually involve things like brakes, suspension, steering, etc.

And I agree that “most” mechanics don’t welcome those types of jobs which involve removing the dash

That said, I’ve always welcomed those jobs

It doesn’t bother me one bit

In fact, I get a lot of job satisfaction out of those particular jobs

I always do them at work, whereas a lot of other guys cringe and pretend they couldn’t duplicate the problem, farm them out, etc.