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2014 Ford Mustang music folders

I have two music folders on a usb drive. The radio goes to the first folder and I can’t change to the second folder. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Put both folders files into the same folder. The Ford operating system really isn’t that sophisticated.

I have both folders in the same folder. Still nothing. Have tried every possible combination.
I will be contacting the dealership Monday to replace the system…


I hope you don’t think this is a warranty problem . I think you are trying to get it to do something it was never designed to do.

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My '13 reads the music files in each folder but will only display one folder title. Again, it isn’t that sophisticated. If you want that functionality in a 4 year old car, you will need to install an aftermarket head unit. OR use the bluetooth function to play the files off your phone or iPod. The CD steering wheel controls will control the music player.

Thank You for the info. ‘jus sayin’ If the radio head is defective it is covered on my warranty…
Again THX