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2014 Ford Focus - Good pick?

Is a 2014 Ford focus a good choice or no

Choice for what? Neighborhood driving? Long trips? Hauling mulch? Your question is too vague to answer properly. Can you elaborate?

Not based on owner-reported issues. That model and year has a transmission issue you can read about at our partner publication, CarComplaints. They stamp that car with the “Beware of the clunker” warning.

Coworker has a 2013, he is not happy with it. Personally, I would avoid it.

If it has that dual clutch automatic transmission suggest you do a little research on that. You could start by using the forum search feature, above right. Me, I’d avoid a car w/ that transmission. Were I looking for a car however, I’d consider a Focus w/a manual transmission if the price was right.

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One of the least desirable compacts!! Stay away. Consider Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3 and others. Car will be discontinued and it will become an orphan in North America. Similarly for the Chevy Cruze.

If you’re set on the Focus, look at the 2nd generation (2004-2011). The 3rd gen from 2011-2018 was plagued with transmission issues among many other things