2014 Ford Explorer police interceptor with blistering paint

I have 20 ford police interceptor utility.
2014 to 2017 several have started to blister. some are no chips of paint falling off. Dealer called ford and was told must have holes before covering. Ford selling vehicles to states and towns knowing the paint will fail. what action can we all take to have them fix problem?

I don’t know who you think you are contacting at Car Complaints or here at Car Talk . Neither one will be of any help on this problem. I assume you are connected to a city government of some sort. If so your city, county or state legal branch is you should address this too.

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Are you withholding some information you have that proves they know the paint will fail? Several experiencing the same problem is not an indictment of the whole, especially if they are all subjected to similar conditions (same user base, same area, same conditions etc). Where are they blistering, on the hood or elsewhere? Don’t police cruisers sit idling for long periods? And have lots of extra electrical demand that can contribute to engine load = more heat? Did the dealer do the modifications or did they come from Ford that way?

The paint problem you are describing is a well-known issue with all Explorers and some other Ford models. Here is a CarTalk story that focuses right in on this issue specifically to the model and year you are asking about. USA Today did a focus story on this as well, and they spoke to fleet managers (including police fleets). I wish I could tell you there is a class action settlement, but I can’t find one.

Other manufacturers have been having some paint problems I think. The cause as I understand is a reformulation in spray paint chemistry. I guess they still have some more work to do to make the new formulation hold up as well as before.


Ford’s bulletin GSB2096 has some info on paint warranty issues, might be worth your time to take a look at it.