2014 Daihatsu Charade - Dipstick blow-by

Excessive blow-by at dipstick. But engine runs fine. However, customer says it has overheated once or twice.

I really do not understand why this was posted . Daihatsu has not been sold in the US of A for years . This is mainly a Forum with US members . You say customer has overheating problems so why are you not checking that if you are a shop . Blowby indicates the engine has problems that will not be solved by posting on the web.

Is the dipstick being blown out of where it seats? If so, could be a faulty PCV system. Can you hear the PCV valve shake when you rattle it?

Additionally, that model hasn’t been sold in any country since 2012, so I have to wonder what the actual model year of this Daihatsu Charade really is.

I would check the PCV system for blockage and finding none, then perform a compression leak down test on all cylinders.

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With a vehicle that is–at a minimum–11 years old, I think that this is a very good idea.

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This is an international forum, so your post is valid.

If it were me, I’d want to do a compression test. That dipstick blowby is likely coming from the compression rings. They’re likely worn, which means a large expense to repair.

If the compression rings are stuck due to carbon deposits in the ring grooves, that can sometimes be cleaned, though someone else would need to comment on if cleaning is effective or not.


Some one is paying you, and you come here to find out the causes for excessive blow by? Why? I sure as hell wouldn’t. If I’m paying someone to fix my car, I’m paying for their knowledge and expertise, not their web searching and guessing. 11 year old Daihatsu that has been over heated repeatedly is past its expected life anyways.

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you say that, but I once did a web search and found an answer to a weird situation I was having on one of my work trucks.
and it was me who posted the solution 7 years earlier… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


With a history of overheating, a bad head gasket is a distinct possibility.