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The mighty Volvo

My daughter has a 1986 Volvo 240…tank. The dipstick keeps popping out thus blowing old all over the place? why? the dipstick fits snugly, but as she drives it pops up. Help!

The crankcase, that the oil dip stick goes into, is being pressurized. The pcv valve allows the pressure to go into the engine intake. Change the pcv valve. The oil dip stick may still blow out if there is too much blow-by for the pcv to handle; then, the only cure is to overhaul the engine to replace the worn piston rings.

Thank you for the reply. I will let you know if I need to have you overhaul the engine.

…and, where the heck is the pcv valve?

–nevermind. hellokit has it right.

I know that the 1987 240 didn’t have a PCV valve. It had a flame arrestor arrangement that needed to be cleaned every time you changed the oil. If you didn’t change it, it would pressurize the crankcase. I didn’t clean mine for about 30,000 miles and I blew out the valve cover gasket. Sorry, but I don’t remember exactly where the flame arrestor is but as I recall, it lead to the intake manifold.

I believe it is located under the intake manifold on the side of the engine block.