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2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Knock

We just recently purchased a 2014 Towne and Country 3 months ago. My husband heard a faint knocking took it back to the dealer and was told “If they’ll sign off we’ll check it out, well if they’ll check it out we’ll sign off on it.” Today, our head mechanic was adamant it’s a bad motor and wasn’t going to last long.

You have landed on the CarTalk community forum. The post you are referring to can’t be seen here .

James you bought a used vehicle that is out of warranty most likely ’ AS IS ’ so who ever you bought it from does not have to do anything . Now you can use the contact number in the manual for corporate headquarters and might get some help if the drive line warranty is still in effect.

RE Volvo_70 comment. That is a big IF, five year old vehicle. To replace under warranty would most likely require documented maintenance history.

And stop with the hash-tags

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