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2013 Chrysler Town & Country - Clunked. Then the transmission fell out

MY van Town & Country van is a 2013 with 81,000± miles. A year ago I started feeling a clunking noise (after the car had been warmed up and running for a few miles) when I shift
from Drive to reverse and and reverse to Drive and the transmission completely fell out. I had it replaced at a cost of $3000. Less than 11 months later the identical thing happened again. Transmission mechanic cannot figure out what the problem is. HELP!!

Just to clarify… I assume you’re not saying the transmission actually physically fell out of the vehicle? I think you’re using hyperbole to say the transmission failed…because if something as large and heavy as the transmission had physically dropped from the vehicle 2x now, I’d be worried about some kind of frame/unibody rusting.

Can you provide more specifics?

Does this replaced transmission have a warranty such as 12 months or 12000 miles. If it was used then it may have been ready to fail anyway .

Additionally, this would could indicate catastrophic failure of the trans mounts on two occasions, and I think that is… unlikely.

Unless the thing is completely rusted out and first mechanic make it hang in there with a ductape :slight_smile:

But seriously, YES, sounds quite unlikely

I think you really need to clarify the bit about the transmission falling out of the vehicle. I find it hard to believe that the car stopped at Point A and the transmission was lying in the roadway 200 yards back at Point B. And to have this happen twice? Not likely.

There must be some unusual stuff happening inside that engine compartment.