2014 Chrysler Town & Country ticking/knocking sound

Help!!! I have a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country that is making a ticking/knocking sound. I have been told that is several things wrong…can someone help this old female find out what is wrong with her car…PLEASE

Ticking and knocking sound are ominous and can be very expensive. Why don’t you tell US what you’ve been told and by whom. Have you taken it in to a mechanic? If not, why not?

Please tell us how many miles are on the car, under what conditions do you hear these noises and do the get faster when you rev up the engine while sitting still in park or do you hear them only when driving at some speed - and what speeds.

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… also, please give us some info regarding the vehicle’s maintenance.
How often–in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time–do you have the oil changed?
And, under what type of conditions is the vehicle normally operated?
Is it primarily driven on the highway, or primarily for local errands?
If it is primarily driven for local errands, how many miles do you typically drive before your first stop?
And, most important of all…
Have you verified that there is an adequate level of oil in the engine’s crankcase?

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the caravan has more than 106,000 on it. I used it for local and long distance driving.

I last had a oil change in January at that time my odometer had just turned 100,082

miles on it. I took it to the dealer and he told me that it was my lifters. I was told that I

had 24 lifters, 2 was fixed May 2017, 3 was fixed in Sept. 2017. The mechanic at Dodge

told me tha I was now out of the warranty and had to pay for the other 19 lifters to be fixed.

I am a female so I have been told 5 different things that could be the cause of the ticking

sound and only one person has mention replacing the other lifters ( dealer).

The ticking is really loud when I first start the car, it will quiet down some after that, but then get

loud again. I have Lucas in it only one half of the bottle, that seem to help a little, I put only 8 ounces.


If there were problems with the lifters while the vehicle was under warranty and it was covered, then if there are still problems with the lifters after the vehicle is out of warranty, it’s still covered under the warranty.

This is called an on-going warranty issue.

This is a consumer protection law the prevents dealers from delaying repairs under warranty so they avoid repairing the vehicle under warranty. Or, if the exact same part failure occurs after the vehicle is out of warranty that was covered under the warranty.

This law was created to protect consumers from being ripped off by dishonest dealers.


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No matter what type of obfuscatory language was used at the dealership, the maintenance/warranty record of this vehicle documents that it had lifter problems during the warranty period, and that means that the OP needs to elevate this issue to Chrysler/Fiat’s corporate level a.s.a.p. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

They told me tha under the warranty they could fix only the ones that was broke and not the ones

that was still in working order.

I was also told by a different mechanic that the lifters come in one piece, and there was no such

thing that they 2, and when I took it back within 4 months they did 3 more, and now the warranty

was over because I had went over the mileage.

I have misplaced my owners manual do you know how I can find the information?

I appreciate the information that you are sharing with me, also I live in Delaware so would the

warranty information that you provided me be true for the state of Delaware?

I really appreciate your information, what do you suggest that I do? I am a 63 year old female and I know that they are going to

give me a hard time, because when I took it back to the in January 2018 they did not want to hear me. Bring the car in and we

will fix it , but it is not covered anymore under the warranty, is what they keep telling me.

Your dealer won’t get reimbursed for an out of warranty repair unless you contact Chrysler and they open a case on your vehicle.

You can read the owners manual and warranty guide online, inside you will find contact information.


Nevada_545 thank you for the information…I did contact Mopar and have

a case number, but they want me to take it to the dealer to get a more recent

diagnosis of the car, my problem is the dealer is probably going to get suspension

about while am I asking and paying for another diagnostic test to be done on the car…

Normally they assign you to a specific dealer and the case details are sent to the service manager. If you have an open case with Chrysler they should write a warranty repair order with no diagnostic fee.

Is Mopar under Chrysler, because I have the case under Mopar?

I do have a question that I would like to ask<

Lifters, do they come in one part or do they come separately?

Meaning if it is my lifters. could they do one or two now, and then fix two or three later?

Also for my type of car do you know how many lifters are in the car?

Mopar is a division of FCA.

Yes and yes.

Each lifter is one part, fully assembled. Lifters are sold separately, not in sets. There is one lifter for each valve, the 3.6 liter engine has 24 valves.

What is FCA?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.


so did I use the right site for the complaint or should I go under Chrysler home page?

Fiat owns Chrysler Automobile Company of North America.

So yes you did.


Are you sure you are using the correct spec for the engine oil? The wrong oil can make the lifters noisy. Also failing to change the oil and filter on the recommended schedule could cause it. Do you have records showing you followed the oil and filter replacement interval recommendations? You may be asked to produce them as part of your warranty claim.

5w30 and I think that I can find the receipts or go back to where I had the oil change done.

What was the outcome here? My 2014 T&C with only 55K miles has developed the same issue. And it appears this may be fairly common.