'99 Civic exhaust issues

What would cause the B pipe and the exhaust manifold to break at the same time? Is it something that slowly gets worse over time, like a little crack that just expands? Can you drive over something and damage it since it is under the car? Does one part breaking cause the other to break?

Back story- I’m still trying to get to the bottom of how our car went in to the dealership for an oil change and new tires and leave with those things broken (though they won’t accept responsibility and could well be blameless). Took it to the dealer and they noted the car was loud when they completed the work but not before they started the work. It was so incredibly loud that there is no way we wouldn’t have heard it so we feel 99% confident that things were ok before the oil change and tires. I have always had great service from the dealership. We used to take it to an independent shop but they were neglecting things and we eventually made the choice to go to the dealer. I have always trusted the dealership and this Honda dealership is quite well regarded from many I have talked to. Do I think they sat back there and poked holes in the exhaust system? Of course not. But, I don’t know how else all was well at the beginning and not at the end. Seeking a general understanding of how these components get damaged since my husband neglected to ask when he was there.

Thank you!!

What is a B pipe?

I used to have a 1998 civic and I did have to replace the “B-pipe” because of rust. I assume you are referring to the long length of pipe between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. It has a built in resonator if I remember correctly.

It was not cheap–thought I had it done at Monro for likely a lot less than the dealer. You might try them if they are in your area. They made good on their lifetime warranty twice on my mufflers which rusted through. Replaced with free parts and labor. (I made a lot of short trips to work and back)

More to your point, the B pipe did break very suddenly when I went over a speed bump too fast. It had been rusted out but was not loud at all. Afterwards it was louder than Hell’s Angels! 99.9% likely that yours is not the dealer’s fault.

Thanks! I agree, probably just age that caused it.