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Clacking noise under glove box area

2012 Dodge Avenger
Im hearing a loud clacking sound under the glove box area when i turn on the car it only last a few seconds. It also does the noise when I turn on and off the A/C. The car has had oil change and filter change recently in case this info makes any difference in finding out the issue.

It’s either the blend door actuator or the mode door actuator. Both are components in the HVAC system, and can be repaired at modest cost by an independent shop. Of course, “modest” is defined differently by different folks. My definition is < $500.


The HVAC actuator near the glove box is the recirculation door actuator.

If it’s like my Town and Country (also a Chrysler product) the HVAC system prevents recirculate mode when the defroster is on. But it should not make a clacking noise.