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Chevy Cheyenne fuel lines

I have a 91 model…I just had the fuel tank, sending unit, pump/strainer replaced due to age and rust. I picked it up today and it ran great until I got home and one of the fuel lines sprung a leak…mind you the lines are rusted as well…could the pressure from the new pump actually blow one of the lines out? It now won’t start and strong smell of fuel is present and leaking from the line…I am betting on replacing all lines. Anyone can give me an estimate? Its a 2wd long bed with V6 motor. Or possible other things causing it? Thanks!

If they dropped the fuel tank instead of removing the box to change the fuel pump, the tank has to be dropped far enough to disconnect the electrical connector and fuel lines from the pump. Depending on how the fuel lines are set up to the tank, dropping the tank slightly can put a strain on the old rusty fuel line, causing it to leak.


Yeah the tank was dropped. Could you give me an estimate on how much it would cost to replace the fuel lines? All are rusted. Thanks! And would it be real difficult?

All I can say is, this is what you need to replace fuel lines.