2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Rough Shift

Rough shifting in my 2016 Silvarado. Very hard shift from 1st to 2nd , usually in a parking lot or after pulling out of my driveway. Chevy offers no explanation.

What question would you like us to answer? Keep in mind you told us nearly nothing about your truck. You will get a better answer the more you tell us.

I have had, in my '13 (which has an entirely and tranny), the occasional rough shift. If all the driveline components are “loaded” it seems to happen. Like a slighly delayed upshift under a circumstance when the transmission is holding the vehicle back. The time that comes to mind is when I was at a stop sign, turned left and immediately started down a hill. I needed to hit the gas to accelerate from the stop sign which was on the flat, the truck held first as is typical during acceleration, but due to the immediate downgrade there was a brief period where all the weight of the truck was then being held back by the transmissions low gear. When it went to second (due to increased speed but with no added input from the engine) it was a nice metallic bang of driveline components letting me know there’s some slop there. My last GM truck did the same thing. Does this kind of correlate with your experience? If the increased force is coming from where it’s supposed to, the engine, it doesn’t really happen. It’s when the pressure is being put on the transmission from the other direction (the driveline) that it seems to occur.