2014 Chevrolet Cruze losing antifreeze

losinf antifreeze/ can’t find leak??

Well, not much info to go on. like if you see antifreeze and cannot find where it is leaking. or you’re losing it and do not see any antifreeze.
so, I will leave you with this…
if you smell antifreeze inside the vehicle, it might be your heater core that is leaking.
if you do not then maybe this is your problem…

Chevy Cruze: Losing Coolant / No External Leaks? - YouTube

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Is there a wet spot under the car in the morning? If so, probably the water pump seal is starting to fail. Wouldn’t be uncommon on an 8 year old car, esp if cooling system has been stressed or coolant not replaced. It can be very difficult to see this sort of failure actually happening. When the pump seal leaked on my Corolla I didn’t actually see the leak (other than the wet spot under the car) until I had removed everything in the way , done as part of replacing the pump. It’s important to effect this repair asap b/c otherwise cooling system won’t hold pressure, which causes overheating.

Blown head gasket… Just sayin’

Nobody wants to say that.

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Have someone do a pressure test on the pressure cap on the coolant reservoir,

if the cap doesn’t hold the proper pressure, antifreeze can escape as a vapor.