Coolant leaked out

After driving 10 miles, turned car off and coolant poured out from under car. Didn’t overheat. No idiot light came on. Checked for leaks. 8 hours later, reservoir tank at 1/3, not leaking at all. I did top off the tank before I left Bc it was a little low. Temp gauge fine. I have replaced thermostat twice and water pump at least once. In 2 years!! Not interested in more repairs. Will I be able to drive to the car lot to look for a new car???

are you sure it was coolant and not water from the a/c?
if it is coolant you could of added too much and the excess leaked out. you may have a faulty cap.

My magic 8 ball says… It’s Possible

Best I can tell you with the little bit of info you have shared.

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Did not run a/c at all. I thought maybe I topped it off too much-don’t think I did but didn’t run the car before I checked the level and put it in. Should I have? And I guess I’m assuming if it leaked through cap due to too much coolant, why wouldn’t it leak on the top? It poured out of the bottom. But not leaking anymore. Stopped right away

If your car has a separate radiator cap, also make sure the radiator is full. My guess is your water pump is the culprit. Water pumps can behave in mysterious ways like this. I had a cooling system leak on my Corolla and no matter what I did, tilting the car left, right, front back, etc, I could never figure out what exactly was leaking. All I knew is that a small puddle of coolant accumulated under the car during the over-night. Since the leak was in the area of the water pump, about the only thing I could do was replace it. During that replacement job I had to remove a bunch of stuff for access, and that allowed me to finally be able to see a leak coming from the water pump.