2014 Chevrolet Corvette - dash rattle

i have a 2014 corvette z51 with 29.,500 miles, just recently it developed a very annoying rattle that appears to be coming from the center of the dash. itis always there when moving. Ive tried pushing on the instrument cluster, air vents and cannot make it stop. Ive read that the instrument cluster has plastic pins holding it in place. the fix is to remove the cluster and apply a gm grease to the plastic pins. do you think this is what I need to do?

You are probably better off going to this corvette forum for your answer.

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I think the cluster is probably going to have to be removed to solve this, which will likely be a time consuming job. You might get lucky if you can figure out a way to narrow down where exactly the noise is coming from. Use rubber hose etc as a stethoscope maybe.

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Corvette’s have plastic interiors (as do lots of cars) and the Z51 has a very firm ride. Both combine to make rattles and itchy-squeaky sounds.

Lubrication helps the itchy-squeaky noises but will do nothing to help rattles. Rattles are loose parts tapping together. This requires disassembly until the loose parts are found. The fix is to tie these points down. This is a time consuming exercise that can be quite costly if you pay a shop to fix it.