2013 VW Jetta still chugging and not starting after dealer "fixed" it, any ideas?

After getting a new purge valve for car not starting after getting gas, car decided not to start sometimes on humid or hot evenings instead. No one could diagnose it because it wouldn’t act up for them. So I took it to the dealer. They told me it did act up for them and they diagnosed a bad purge valve, and put a new one in, along with a fuel filter. So I drove it back home, drove to work the next day (today) no problem, but trying to drive home from work it’s the steamiest day so far this year and it’s the evening, and bam, the exact same thing happens. I think maybe it did need a new purge valve but that wasn’t enough.

The only thing I did different when I drove to work this morning (said thing being a thing that I sometimes do if I’m stressed, which is most likely to be on hot or humid days) is I forgot to put it in Park before I turned the key to shut the engine off, so it stopped abruptly, which I always notice the abrupt stop when that happens and turn the car back on, put it in Park and turn it off again. Could that be confusing my car? ( I know it wouldn’t confuse a normal car. I am talking about my car, which due to a corroded battery got a new starter, wiring harness and shift cable assembly) Could it even have something to do with the security system, as one mechanic suggested? Any ideas?

For clarification, the car got 2 replacement evap purge valves (also known as N80, solenoid). Before the first purge valve, the car mainly wouldn’t start after getting gas, and then one rainy evening it wouldn’t start so I said That’s it and I took it in to local mechanic. I thought it improved because it started after getting gas for about three weeks, but then it woudln’t start on rainy or hot and humid evenings. I thought the first purge valve fixed the problem because now it did start after getting gas. Then I thought the second purge valve fixed the problem because the dealer said it acted up for them and they diagnosed it. and fixed it. But that was yesterday and now it’s today and this sucks.