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Car won't start

I have a 2000 XJ8 Vanden Plas. About a half dozen times in the last six months my car would not start. It would turn over but not start. I know it is not the battery, I have had that checked.

Strangely enough on at least 3-4 of these ocassions I had just put gas in the car within a few hours or one day of the car not starting. My mechanic suggested I try a different gas station as the gas might be bad, which I did. The next time it did not start, my mechanic said perhaps it was the key, so I switched to my backup key. After a few more “no starts” I was told it had to be a sensor in the fuel pump, so I had a new fuel pump installed. Three days after the fuel pump was put in it would not start again and this was just a few hours after I had filled it with gas. I called my mechanic and he was totally stumped at this. So while stranded, on the phone with him, he suggested I check to see if the gas cap was too tight, it was not, then he asked me to gas cap off. I took the cap off, got in the car and it started. The car has always started after waiting a while after trying to start it and it runs fine and with no warning lights on. Any ideas???

recommend he checks purge control valve,and canitor close valve,.

mmsamma has a point. The problem may be caused by a fault in how the EVAP system is operating. The fumes from the gas tank may be being drawn into the engine, by the purge control valve, when it shouldn’t, and in amounts it shouldn’t. Your mechanic can do a test by: disconnecting the purge hose from the purge valve and filling the gas tank. If the stalling doesn’t occur, the purge valve control circuit, and valve, need further tests.