2013 VW Jetta car turned off vehicle still runs

So I started to see my battery light on and then the EPC light came on. After a while (month or 2 dont judge I had speeding tickets to pay) of the lights being on I would turn the car all the way off and take the key out. Now when I took the key out the dash board and radio would turn back on. “No key” and the battery would start running. And this happens about every 20 mins and last 45-60 seconds. (tickets paid) I changed the battery and all was fine for about a week. Here we are on week 3 and it’s starting again. Someone please help. I called VW and they are talking $120/hr for a diagnostic (dont get me started I’m buying an American car next time).

I’ve got news for you… the American car dealers charge $120 and hour or diagnostics, too. Don’t expect the internet to give you a quick, cheap fix for your problem. Suck it up and take it into a shop. It doesn’t have to be a dealer, it should be a good independent shop but expect to pay $100 and hour or more for diagnostics.

Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.

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Volkswagen EPC Light?
“The EPC light on a Volkswagen stands for Electronic Power Control.”
EPC Light… Oh, I get it!

What does this mean???
Engine runs after shut off?
How does a battery start running?

I’m staring at a comprehensive list of VW Technical Service Bulletins so I can help, but I can’t even tell what the symptoms are with this car. What do speeding tickets have to do with it?

Somebody, please translate this post for me!

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The ticket comments were sarcasm. I’m from Massachusetts I’m a mass hole excuse me.

The battery and epc light came on at the same time. However once I changed the battery the lights on the dash ceased for all of a week or 2. I didnt say the engine is running after being shut off, the battery is the issue. After 3 weeks how is my battery bad already which means something is draining it. From what I’ve read so far it could be the ignition, parasitic issue or faulty wiring.
According to rude guy who responded above I will go get a diagnostic test. I just dont want to go into the shop and be bamboozled because I’m a female. I go in for one thing and they tell me 10 things are wrong because they are trying get as much as they can.

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Thanks, that’s a good description of your Jetta’s symptoms. Responses should get better now. Stand by for additional comments from others.

Do you know if you have an independent Auto Electrics shop (one that works on vehicles too, not just components) in your area? These places specialize in problems like the one you describe and are often more reasonable, dollars-wise, and are less likely to sell you stuff you don’t need or want.

I will look. Because I just moved here from texas. I do want to say excuse my ignorance this is my first car.

Not at all ignorant, no apology necessary. Many people have never used an Auto Electrics shop and do not know of their existence. Also, availability of these shops varies by locale. One can use a dealership or general repair shop, but I have found them to be more pricey and sometimes not as good.

Let us know what you find and we’ll advise from there. Folks here have made helping others with car questions & problems into a hobby. We have amateurs and professional mechanics doing this right here.
Without your questions and those of others our hobby goes away.

First car? You are welcome here with all your questions.

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