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2013 Volkswagen Jetta ignition switch

I have a 2013 Jetta. I had been having intermittent problems with the ignition switch. Yesterday evening it would not turn off at all. Which of course means that the engine still runs and the electrical system is active. It’s manual transmission so I was able to stall the engine… but the running lights, etc. were still on. VW dealer will schedule me in 1 week from today to repair :frowning: Any ideas on how to best deal or do I just need to sleep in my car?

I would pull the negative battery cable until you can get it to the dealer.


Before disconnecting the battery cable, you might want to read this.

BMW, Audi & VW (various models) Disconnecting the battery requires numerous module relearn procedures which can take up to several hours with a factory scan tool


Oh boy… Thanks.

Do you have anything done to the car on a custom basis? I put a powerpoint in for a GMC van, If the rechargeable flashlight was plugged in, the van would not turn off. I tapped into a power source for a 2 way radio that was on a circuit that was not powered when the ignition is off. Strange stuff can happen unintentionally.

Even if the engine computer has to be reinitialized and the operating parameters re-learned by the dealership after the fix, I’d still remove the battery negative until the issue is resolved. This type of problem could potentially cause an electrical fire etc. Another idea is to check w/the dealership to see if they know of a 100% safe way to remove battery power but still retain the engine computer’s parameters.

Interesting. I do have a radar detector that plugs into the lighter outlet. I have had some flakey VW electrical issues before. Like one headlight going out. Replacing. Then a running light going out on the other side, etc. Like playing cat and mouse with the lights.

Yes. I have to take the chance with the computer getting buggy. I’m working out of town, rent and park on the street so can’t have my car sitting there with the running lights with the key in the ignition. I hadn’t thought of the fire hazard but yes that would be a good possibility.