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2012 Volkswagen CC EPC Puzzle / Battery Drain

Hey guys —

A puzzle for you.

A couple of weeks ago, the backlight of my radio/nav display went out. The radio still works, but CD player doesn’t and backlight is still out.

Today, I was driving along and an EPC light started flashing. Car started surging and revving. About 30 secs later, car completely went dead.

Luckily I made it to shoulder of road and sat for a couple of minutes.

Tried to startup car, but it only revved and never completely turned over.

Had a friend come to try and jump. Didn’t help at all.

Finally had it towed to dealer. Said battery was completely dead.

Dealer is installing a battery and letting me know tomorrow. He said it might be the fuel pump.

Is that something that could drain battery and cause backlight to short out?

Only thing I recognize as symptom is couple weeks ago, nephew plugged in one of those dual phone chargers and had 3 devices charging. Shortly thereafter is when backlight shorted out.

Only other out of the ordinary occurrence, I mistakenly put in a full tank of premium octane gas. I usually use midgrade. I wouldn’t think that would cause this, but it’s the only other factor out of the ordinary!

Could that drain battery and kill it or is it possibly just a dead battery or more severe fuel pump?

Your are correct the fuel grade is not a problem with any of this.

You did not say how old the battery was but they can fail without any notice at all.

Oh, the battery’s about a year and a half old.

Shop called and said it wasn’t the fuel pump. Turns out it was some burnt out fuse lines and fuses. I seriously thought the charger overloaded a fuse somehow.

So having the battery replaced and new fuse lines (not sure what that is). Around $350.

Maybe fusible links?? Basically a wire that carries high current designed to burn out like a fuse so your car doesn’t burn to the ground.